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Point System


1. The MJBGA show year will be from January 1 through December 31st. No shows will be sanctioned in November, December, or January.

2. The age requirements for MJBGA membership is Peewee - age 7 and under, Junior - age 8-12 Intermediate - age 13 -16, Senior age - 17-21. Age is determined by the age of the exhibitor on January 1 of the current year.

3. All exhibitors have the option to attend any number of shows. Only points earned at the top eight shows attended by the exhibitor will count toward year-end totals.   If the exhibitor attends and places at more than eight shows in the given year, lowest show points will be dropped with the top eight shows counting for year-end totals.

4. Exhibitor may show as many animals as desired at any given show - however, only the top two placings will be counted. These points earned will go toward year-end totals in each age division.   Showmanship points are not figured into year-end totals or overall placing, but will be totaled as separate award divisions by exhibitor age. Only one animal per member may be shown in the showmanship division.

5. In the case of a tie in any division (except showmanship), the tie will be broken by the exhibitors showmanship points. If there is still a tie, the number of shows attended will be determined as the final tie-breaker. If there is a tie in the showmanship division, the tie will be broken by the number of shows attended.

6. Points will be awarded on the following basis to qualified members of the MJBGA Peewee Division, Junior Division, Intermediate Division, and the Senior Division for the yearly awards in each division.

7. Market Division will be open to both wethers and does. Does must meet the same age requirements as wethers.  Exhibitors to fit does in the same manner as wethers. Does entered in the Market Division will not be eligible to show in breeding stock classes. Divisions will no longer be required for the market classes in show with less than 100 entries. Sponsoring shows will have to option to use the divisions in show of 100 entries or less.


Class Placing:

Points - effective January 1, 2009 the point system will be as follows:

Number in class   1st Place     2nd Place     3rd Place     4th Place      5th Place     6th Place

    6 or more               6                    5                   4                    3                     2                    1

          5                        5                    4                   3                    2                      1

         4                        4                    3                    2                    1

         3                         3                   2                     1

         2                         2                   1

         1                         1

Bonus Points:

Grand champion in a division will receive 1.5 points times the number of goats in the division.
Reserve champion in a division will receive 1 point times the number of goats in the division.

Overall grand will receive 1.5 points times the number of goats in the entire division.
Reserve overall grand will receive 1 point times the number goats in the entire division

8. All animals must be owned and exhibited by the exhibitor. The only exceptions shall be 1) if the exhibitor has more than one animal showing at that time and 2) if the member is in attendance, but physically unable to show his goat. If the member is physically unable to show his animal, he must present a doctor’s statement to show management.  Ownership for registered animals must be proven by a registration in the participant's name.

9. Year-end Showmanship awards will be given in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions. Points to be calculated according to the above point chart with points earned at the top eight shows to count toward year-end totals.

10. All sanctioned jackpot shows having 200 or more goats entered and exhibited shall have their points count double.

11.  Breed shows shall follow ABGA, USBGA, or International Boer Goat Association breed and show rules depending on which Association has sanctioned the show.


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