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MJBGA Rules and Regs

MJBGA Rules and Regulations

1. Effective Date and Repeal: These rules and regulations shall become effective January 1st of each year, and thereupon all rules and regulations and parts thereof heretofore enforced are hereby repealed, except that the status of all registrations and records made upon previous rules shall remain unchanged.

2. The rules as printed in this Missouri Junior Boer Goat Association Official Rule book shall be used at all approved MJBGA shows and contests unless otherwise approved by the President or the Show Secretary of the Missouri Junior Boer Goat Association.

Show Approval

1. Organizations or individuals wishing to stage or sponsor a meat goat show or contest, and wishing to be sanctioned by the Missouri Junior Boer Goat Association must obtain the prior approval of the MJBGA, if the results of such shows are to be entered into the Association’s records and points are to be awarded to the exhibitors who place sufficiently high in their classes. Approval does not carry over from year to year, but must be obtained for each individual show or contest. Organizations or individuals wishing to sponsor a sanctioned MJBGA show must sign and return a standard MJBGA show contract at least sixty (60) days prior to the approved show.

2. To gain Missouri Junior Boer Goat Association approval, a show must be open to all goat owners who meet the age requirements of those Divisions.

3. The MJBGA reserves the right to charge a sanctioning fee for approving sanctioned shows. The fee for sanctioning will be $125.00 for each sanctioned show. Sanctioned shows will receive forms, ribbon packets, and advertising in the MJBGA news letter and on the MJBGA web site. The MJBGA will notify all members of the date and location of the show. The sanction fee is due and payable sixty (60) days prior to the show.

4. The results of any approved show or contest must be completed in its entirety on official forms and forwarded to the MJBGA show secretary. The forms must contain the names and member numbers of the exhibitors in order of their placings and a notation made about the number of animals entered in the class. These forms must be typed. Show management must report the show results to the MJBGA secretary within fifteen (15) days after said show. Failure to mail the completed result forms to the Association in such time will result in approval being denied the following year and the failure to comply will be published on the MJBGA web site and in the MJBGA newsletter.

5. Every sanctioned show that charges an entry fee of $10.00 or less is not required to pay back any premium money or give any prizes unless they wish to do so. Shows with entry fees of $11.00 or more are required to pay back at least 50 percent of the regular entry fees. This 50 percent pay back can include money spent on the prizes awarded. For example, if a MJBGA sanctioned show has an entry fee of $30.00, then a minimum of $15.00 per animal shown in the show, shall be given back to the exhibitors either in the form of prize money or awards. The late fee does not have to be pro-rated back, since it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to pay entry fees by the entry deadline or face a penalty. This does not keep a show from paying back more than 50 percent should they wish to do so. Premium money must be paid to exhibitors no later than 10 days after completion of the show. If the show is going to pay back entry fees it must advertise its intent to do so on the entry forms.

6 The MJBGA will not be responsible for the enforcement of individual show results. These are the sole responsibility of the show management.

7. The MJBGA reserves the right to set up a MJBGA booth at all sanctioned jackpot shows at no additional charge to the MJBGA. This booth will be used to sell MJBGA merchandise, enroll members, distribute literature and promote the Association.

8. The MJBGA reserves the right to hang banners at sanctioned shows.

Guidelines for Shows

The Missouri Junior Boer Goat Association makes the following recommendations and mandatory requirements for sanctioned and sponsored shows.

1. Exhibitors who are 7 years of age & younger as of Jan 1 of the current year, shall be eligible for membership in the MJBGA’s Peewee Showmanship Division. Peewee members shall be accompanied in the ring by someone 16 years of age or older. Exhibitors who are 8-12 years of age as of January 1, of the current year shall be eligible for membership in the MJBGA’s Junior Division. Exhibitors who are 13-16 years of age as of January 1, of the current year, shall be eligible for membership in the MJBGA’s Intermediate Division. Exhibitors 17 -21 years of age as of January 1, of the current year, shall be eligible for membership in the MJBGA’s Senior Division.

2. The MJBGA requires that sanctioned shows have prospect, progress, market and showmanship divisions and will supply ribbons accordingly.

3. The MJBGA makes it mandatory that sanctioned shows report all results, awards and numbers in each class/division to MJBGA for tabulation of points. Show results must be sent within 15 days following completion of shows. A sample of information will be provided. Show results must be typed before being sent to the MJBGA Show Secretary.

4. The MJBGA makes it mandatory that sanctioned shows follow the MJBGA age breaks for showmanship. These breaks are as follows: 7 and under; 8-12; 13- 16; 17 - 19.  Age of exhibitor is as of January 1st of current year.

5. MJBGA sanctioned shows who have made a mistake in reporting their results must report any corrections, additions or changes to those results within 60 days of the time that those results are recorded in the MJBGA news letter. After that date, no changes will be allowed.

6. The Missouri Junior Boer Goat Association reserves the right to not sanction an organization’s show for the following year if that organization has violated or ignored any of the current rules and regulations while producing their show during the current year.

7. No sanctioned show may withhold points unless the member is in violation of MJBGA or their show rules. They may withhold premium money only if they have advertised such rules ahead of time. (Example: A show that does not advertise that all grand and reserve champions must stay for the champion drive may not withhold an exhibitors points if they leave, when the show has not advertised that rule.)


1. Exhibitor may show as many animals as desired at any given show - however, only the top two placings per class will be counted. These points earned will go toward year-end totals in each age division.  Showmanship points are not figured into year-end totals or overall placings, but will be totaled as separate award divisions by exhibitor age. Only one animal per member may be shown in the showmanship division.

2. All animals must be owned and exhibited by the exhibitor. Registered animals  must be registered in the name of the participant only.  The only exceptions for exhibiting shall be 1) if the exhibitor has more than one animal showing at that time or 2) if the member is in attendance, but physically unable to show his/her goat. If the member is physically unable to show his/her animal, he/she must present a doctor's statement to show management.

3. Co-Sanctioned Breed shows shall follow ABGA, USBGA, or International Boer Goat Association breed and show rules depending on which Association has sanctioned the show.

4. If the MJBGA member does  show his or her animal in violation of rule 2 under "Additional Mandatory Guidelines" of the MJBGA rules and regulations, and another MJBGA member wishes to protest those points being recorded, then it is the responsibility of the protesting party to contact the management of the show and make sure that this infraction is noted on official show results.

5. Any discrepancy in points reported by an exhibitor must be sent to the MJBGA office in written form within 60 days of the time the results first appear in MJBGA point standings in the newsletter or on the website..

6. If a member (or their parent) wishes to lodge a protest concerning a show, that protest must be made in writing within 14 days of said show and must be accompanied by a check for $250.00 protest fee. If the protest is upheld, $200.00 of that fee will be refunded to the protesting party with $50.00 going to the Association for paper work and legal fees.

7. All protests are part of the MJBGA’s official records and thus will be made public if anyone requests that information. All protests must be signed by the protesting party.

8. Sanctioned MJBGA shows must in some fashion, publicize or post how the premium money will be paid. If the show does not advertise its pay back, then it must be posted outside the office at the show. This does not apply to established county fairs.

9. The MJBGA suggests that sanctioned prospect shows pay premium money to exhibitors the day of the show.

10. Code of Ethics

Exhibitors are prohibited from showing unethically fitted livestock or livestock of an ineligible age for exhibition. Unethical fitting is deemed to mean any physical or physiological attempt to alter the natural conformation, musculature or weight of an animal. There will be no use of injections or ingested material not conductive to the continued health of the animal or marketability of its carcass. Animals showing, in the opinion of the judge or show management, signs of having been unethically fitted will be disqualified. Any inhumane or other inappropriate action to animals by the exhibitor will be cause for disqualification, forfeiture of awards and MJBGA points, and removal of the exhibitor and exhibit from the show grounds.

In addition, MJBGA members are expected to be honest in their ownership of animals as well as in entries of those animals at MJBGA sanctioned or sponsored shows. MJBGA members are the elite of the show ring and junior livestock industry and are therefore expected and encouraged to uphold to those high standards as and example to others.




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